Near Far Heart Chart – Vision Exercise #1

This will help with the struggle of smoothly transitioning your visual near focus to far focus. This one I picked up originally from my vision therapist Dr. Maciej Suwala from the London Vision Training Clinic.

Here’s how it goes. First, print the PDF I have linked at the bottom of this post. This one came from the internet, not Dr. Suwala. Then tape the piece of paper with the big chart to a wall at eye level. Make sure there is room for you to stand 6 to 10 feet away from the chart where you have taped it. Next, folder the paper with the small chart up so that the chart is visible and the height of the paper is the height of the chart. Don’t worry too much about folding it width-wise, I’ll leave this to your discretion. Once this is done, you’re ready to go.

Time for the exercise itself. Stand 6 to 10 feet away from the paper on the wall, facing it directly with the small chart in hand. Start at a distance that challenges you at least a little and work your way back gradually as you proceed to do this daily, or twice daily for best results. Now, cover your left or right eye with the coinciding hand. With your free hand make a fist with the small chart in between your pinky and ring finger, now make a thumbs up while holding the chart there. Bring your hand up to your face and point the thumb directly underneath your uncovered eye. Hold your hand there so you can see the small chart directly in front of your eye but can also look past it to see the chart on the wall. Now, holding your hand there for the whole exercise, focus on the first letter/number on the near chart (small chart) and read it out loud. Then transition to focus on the first number/letter on the far chart (wall chart) and read it out loud. Continue to go through each letter in the first row of both charts, rotating back and forth the whole time at a consistent pace (use a metronome app to help set the pace). Then continue onto the second and third rows until you’re done the third. Next, switch eyes/hands and repeat the process with the eye that was covered. Cover the eye you were just using. Once done. The exercise is complete. As I said, you can do this once or twice a day. But need to stay consistent to see a real benefit.

Here are the sheets with the charts you will need to print.

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Justin Carrothers

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