Our Mission

Trillbrooks purpose as a company is to drive the complexity and costs associated with recovering from brain injuries and living with post-concussion syndrome, way, way, wayyy down.

It’s currently ridiculously difficult to recover full range because it’s not only crazy expensive to tackle all the issues, but it’s crazy complex to wrap your head around everything you’ll need to address.

My name is Justin Carrothers and part of my mission in life is to make sure this platform, these resources, etc. Come to fruition in one user-friendly location. Not just for my own benefit as someone struggling with life long difficulties, but for the benefit of everyone else in need of something like this. To get there, we’re going to need money, time, and resources. So please be patient with me as I get access to all of these. I am actively working on it. It will happen, one way or another.

Currently this will be a blog about my knowledge regarding brain injuries and resource hub for anything I can organize here. Soon to list T-shirts for sale to support generating conversations, spreading awareness, and to raise funds for developing Trillbrook into the tool it needs to be (all profits will go to making this happen).

Contact me, Justin Carrothers, for more details: @519jc on socials, justin@loudstorms.com by email, or 519-319-2778 by cell.